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" "Where do I start???? Mike (the owner of PMI Central Kentucky) has been WONDERFUL to work with. I have been renting out my house for 3 years since I left Lexington and was afraid to go with a property management company as I was afraid I would be charged an arm and a leg for management fees and for every little single item that tenants complained about. When my last tenants TRASHED my house and I received a notice from the city to fix a bunch of stuff on the outside, I decided this was too much to handle from out of state. I called three companies and landed on PMI Central Kentucky based on the fees and level of personal attention.
Mike and PMI Central Kentucky have gone above and beyond with helping me to get the house fixed up in the most cost-efficient and logical manner. Mike is VERY cognizant of costs and your budget - he doesn't assume that since you own a rental house you are made of money. When the first round of estimates came back and it was more than I could afford to spend he helped me to logically cut back on what needed to be done, take a different (cheaper) course of action on some of the repairs/upgrades, and he got more bids to bring the cost down. He also went above and beyond on many occasions.....itemizing the costs attributed to the previous tenants (before he was managing it) that would come out of the security deposit, meeting the people that picked up an old fridge so I could receive an appliance recycling rebate, and finding low-cost items for my house at the Habitat Restore and Lowe's clearance sections. He even helped out on my other rental house (which he is currently not even managing but will be soon!) to help with the HVAC - I was told it would have to be replaced (at +$5K) and he was able to bring his HVAC guy in who fixed it and brought it back into working order for less than 10% of the replacement cost!
He basically inherited a mess of a house and helped me to fix it up (and of course rent it out) while keeping costs and aesthetics in mind - all the while having a positive attitude, being willing to go the extra mile, and being flexible and listening to my concerns. In addition, his website is great and keeps all of your rental property information (bills, work orders, payments from tenants, monthly statements) right at your fingertips.""

- B. Kahl


(859) 428-7641